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Please contact the manager to request independent research on the fund.

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Click here for online applications. Alternatively, download the application form below and follow the instructions. contact Cor Capital by phone or email if you require assistance.

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Reports & Fact Sheets

Download our Monthly Report & Fund Fact Sheets. The Quarterly report also includes the fund manager commentary.

March 2022 Report & Fund Fact Sheet

Incorporating Quarterly Commentary. PDF (323 KB)

Allocated Metal Holdings (bar list)

Allocated metal holdings of the Cor Capital Fund are held by The Perth Mint in its vault in Perth, Western Australia. Download the latest bar list below.

Unit Prices & Distributions

Net Asset Value (NAV), Application Price and Redemption Price information for the Fund is set out below. Inception date: 8 August 2012 Unit prices are calculated daily.

Download Cor Capital Fund daily unit prices (Microsoft Excel): Click Here

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